VESTIGES / New work by Cindy Steiler and Amber Jean Young. Opens December 10, 2014.


VESTIGES / December 10 – January 11, 2015

Opening reception Saturday, December 13, 7-10 pm

Campfire Gallery is pleased to present VESTIGES featuring new work by Cindy Steiler and Amber Jean Young. Steiler and Young share an interest both in subject matter and materials that reference the past and the value we place on examining them in the context of our current lives.

By combining photographic images with traditional textile arts, remnants of the past are reconstructed into a new narrative. Through this process there is recognition, not only of what is remembered, but also of what is forgotten. This allows the artists to build upon history rather than simply restore the past, recreating it in their own current interpretation. Choosing materials and techniques that have been handed down over many generations—embroidery, quilting, antique linens—reinforces both the passage of time and the potential to carry forward shared experiences.