HOLIDAY 2013: Skye MacLeod and Linda Raynsford



  Skye MacLeod

My artwork explores the relationship between our souls and our stories. I use symbolism and language to examine the connections. I believe by expressing our story we can transform ourselves, which in turn, enriches our lives.

I primarily work in encaustic wax, oil paint, and graphite. The organic materials lend themselves to the alchemical process.

Skye MacLeod is a graduate of the Transformational Art program at John F. Kennedy University.



Linda Raynsford Artefact

This archaeological collection of work deems ornaments precious. These shards of our culture give clues to our existence, our waste stream, our communication. My sculptures bring discarded chaos into form—a system of cataloging. The patina of time is investigated, it’s past noted and it is brought forth as beautiful snippets of code. My fascination with typography and the color is explored and reflected in the many years I have spent in the design field.