CALIBRATE: Rachel Meginnes and Lucky Rapp


CALIBRATE: New work by Rachel Meginnes and Lucky Rapp

November 5 – December 7, 2014

Opening reception Saturday, November 8, 7-10 pm

Campfire Gallery is pleased to present “Calibrate” featuring new work by Rachel Meginnes and Lucky Rapp. Calibrate is a reference to the collaborative use of a specific color palette shared between the two artists to develop their individual series of work.

Inspired by the color line of a local paint store, Rapp’s multi-layered paint and resin pieces elevate and celebrate a single color swatch as big, bold, glossy statements. Created as a series of twenty-three pieces entitled “Bang!”, Rapp explores the power of color both individually and as a carefully considered palette. Using the same palette and drawing upon her background in weaving and textile arts, Meginnes combines color with elliptical shapes that seek to balance color and form in her Totem and C2 Ellipse series. Here the colors become rich and matte, revealing the textured surfaces of the pieced and sewn fabric.



C2-117A, 2014
Hand embroidery on cotton with gesso and acrylic
32 x 32 inches


Trained as a weaver, my work is rooted in the alteration of structures and materials. Employing traditional textile techniques at a variety of scales, my pieces pay homage to patience, labor, and discipline. My process reflects an internal contemplation of self and an external meditation on daily life experienced through a series of upset systems, built and torn down surfaces, and a unification of opposing sides. Striking a balance between ruin and discovery while forging uncommon relationships of color, form, and texture are the driving forces behind my work.

The current Totem and C2 Ellipse series explore a specific set of colors suggested by the artist Lucky Rapp. Aiming to understand this extensive palette of colors, in the smaller Totem series I cut and pieced quilt batting to construct small canvases on which to apply and create color relationships. The larger C2 Ellipse series, built using a curvilinear embroidery technique known as couching, enabled me to consider this specific set of colors in conjunction with a more 3-dimensional canvas and form.


Rachel Meginnes’s fascination with weaving and art began in high school and has continued to grow ever since. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College in 1999, Rachel followed her interest in textiles by traveling to northern Japan to study the traditional crafts of ikat and indigo dyeing. Upon returning to the States, she apprenticed as a rug weaver and continued her study of art and textiles by moving to Seattle and earning her Master of Fine Arts degree in Fibers at the University of Washington in 2005.

Although no longer working directly at the loom, Rachel has kept many of her weaving processes alive in her current studio practice. As a dedicated artist, she accepts and encourages her need to work hands-on with her materials and enjoys the solitude that comes along with producing such methodical work. Her original love for the plainweave structure has never ceased and she continues to believe that there is infinite possibility in the most basic of methods.

Rachel is currently a resident artist at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.



Fetish, 2014
Gesso, paint, vinyl, resin on canvas
20 x 13.75 x 2.5 inches



Bang!, a large-scale series comprised of 23 interrelated individuals pieces, references a collective of independents coming together to achieve mutual goals. An extension of my series Paint Politics (2012), Bang! (2014) was conceptualized by my discovery of C2 Paints, at a local San Francisco paint shop. I felt an easy affinity with their line of colors and was instantly drawn to their rich quality, as well as to the humor in their names – ‘Lavish’, ‘Cognac’, ‘Major Tom’ and ‘Ping Pong’. The super-sized works created for Bang! represent both an extreme in size and a direct reference to C2’s color palette and coding system. In accentuating the magnitude of the depth of these colors and ‘buttery’ tactile nature, Bang! brings a seemingly inconsequential color swatch into a larger-then-life context.


Lucky Rapp is a San Francisco based visual artist with a background in both fashion and art. Her self-taught style is often characterized as being text-based. Her methodology incorporates layers of resin, paint and acrylic forms that create texture and depth within the dialogue of her work. Lucky’s approach is process-oriented and physical. The end result, combines inquisitive statements that play with both language and the potency of graphical communication, while the three-dimensional nature of the layered resin fosters a sculptural reflective quality. Lucky’s work has been collected and exhibited across the United States and Europe, and has been featured in solo and group shows in Antwerp, Belgium and Mannheim, Germany, as well as in the United States at Andrea Schwartz Gallery, ArtZone 461 Gallery, Houston Art Fair, Los Angeles Affordable Art Fair, Campfire Gallery, and ARC Gallery. Lucky’s work can frequently be found in the Roche Bobois San Francisco showroom and as an active member of the San Francisco art community she donates select works to the annual Art for Aids Auction, the Hospitality House Auction, and the ArtSpan Auction. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and has lived in Germany and Paris.