BUILDING BLOCKS // Chris Vogel x Julian Watts


APRIL 1 – MAY 4, 2015


Campfire Gallery is pleased to present Building Blocks, featuring new work by San Francisco-based artists Chris Vogel and Julian Watts. Vogel will present a series of 2D mixed-media works of wood collage and painting in resin and Watts a collection of wood objects that range from the functional to purely sculptural. Grounded in craftsmanship and the inherent characteristics of their materials, the work explores form and design with a new sense of movement and fluidity.


Chris_Vogel_Homage_web“Homage”, 24×24 inches, teak, pine, epoxy and resin

Artist statement

I often consider the timeline of human modernization and the implications of new technology we create. Today my peripheral space is drastically expanding beyond the perception of my own five senses. Deciphering my personal relationship with technology and how it informs my person(animal) has become a hyperconscious obsession in my day to day. As I navigate between digital and analog dimensions, my art celebrates my tug of war between the two. The tools and media accelerating the world today have created a tension that’s continually shaping my craftsmanship. These pieces have become signatures of my thinking process.



Artist Statement

Julian Watts uses traditional woodcarving and furniture making techniques to explore the space between sculptural form and functional object. Using everyday items like wooden utensils as a point of departure, Watts follows the formal, functional, and cultural threads of each object to their most extreme, surreal end points. The result is an ecosystem of both sculptural and functional works that challenge the viewer to reconsider their preconceptions about the objects that make up the world around us.