FOR DEFENSE AND REVENGE: A solo exhibition by Drew Grasso



MAY 11 – JUNE 11, 2016


Campfire Gallery is pleased to present For Defense and Revenge, a solo exhibition of work by Oakland-based artist Drew Grasso. The show will consist of a new series of relief prints on paper that are narrative in theme and also deeply personal. Grasso is a recent graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute which an emphasis in fine art printmaking. He has participated in local group shows and self-published two books. This is his first solo exhibition. We hope you can join us to celebrate the opening of the show on Saturday, May 14, 7-10 pm.

Artist Statement

For Defense and Revenge is a collection of relief prints produced between August 2015 and March 2016 that were made as an expression of guilt, illness, and contempt. Carving and printing allowed me to contain and organize my thoughts. The nature of the process allows for very little second-guessing. Every decision can be made once, no erasing, no retracing, just progression. These prints came steadily throughout this period partially as an apology and partially as justification. Even if what happened has at times been terrible, reflection and dissection gives a light to those events that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. As much as these are the direct consequence of painful and unsettling personal experiences, they are about how invigorating it feels to participate, regardless of the outcome. Here’s to a better future or more prints.

– Drew Grasso