WINDOW SEAT : a solo exhibition by Heidi McDowell




Campfire Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition with San Francisco artist Heidi McDowell. The show runs September 14 – October 8, 2016 and there will be an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, September 17, 6-9 pm.

Rooted in the tradition of landscape painting, my work explores our contemporary relationship to the natural world as it is shaped by digital media and car culture. Technology gives us the ability to swiftly collect seemingly endless amounts of data with little incentive to edit. What we trade for this ease is any sense of deep understanding or memory. I paint scenes rescued from this unending stream of images using the visual language of digital source material (lens flare, odd colors, fringing) as a familiar reference point.

In this new series, photorealistic elements indicate the presence of a window between the viewer and the landscape placing the viewer in the position of an observant traveller freed momentarily from the overwhelming detail of daily routine and digital life, grounded in a larger sense of distance and time. These paintings are a means of escape from a million small anxieties, a way of finding respite in the expanse of the western landscape.

Heidi McDowell was born and raised in south Texas and lives in San Francisco. Her paintings focus on the landscapes through which she travels and are informed equally by her background in architecture and her love of whims of digital photography, nature, and oil paint.