RAISED on REPLICAS: Celebrating the art of printmaking


JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 22, 2015


Campfire Gallery is pleased to present Raised on Replicas, a seven artist group show co-curated by Drew Grasso. Participating artists include Adrianna Adams, Dianna Christian-Settles, Drew Grasso, Rika Laser, Golbanou Moghaddas, Juan Solis-Cruz and David Tim. These artists share a common connection through their studies and work at the San Francisco Art Institute and interest in fine art printing. The show will feature original works representing a range of printing techniques including etching, lithography, and relief printing.

Raised on Replicas is inspired by the processes of printmaking, the democracy of reproducibility, and the truth in drawing. The artists presented use drawing and printing to put forward, in mass, images about their families, politics, cultures, and internal narratives. The wide spectrum of print processes represented in Raised on Replicas are used to replicate and enhance the hand of the artist, giving the rapidly accelerating culture of the reproducible a human touch. Through lithography, letterpress, etching, relief, and mono printing the artists add to a global trend in infinite and instantly transferable content in a responsible way that preserves the humanity and truth in the act of drawing, while embracing the emotional connection made possible by shared content between people. Raised on Replicas looks to strike a balance between the democracy of multiplicity and the authenticity of the handmade object.

– Drew Grasso